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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Long Overdue News

Greeting Loyal Good Collaborators.

Much has happened in the time of Great Silence.

It started with the unfortunate ending of the relationship bewteen Cap'n Bayne and Sill.

This was of course a difficult time for everyone requiring much adjustment. It also substantially worsened the good captains chronic fatigue syndrome. And also there has ben a new endeavor taking up much of the captain and Martian Embassies resources.

That of gaining reliable Human Rights protections for Australia. (We will step up to Sentient Rights after the first stage is won) Australia for a developed country is terribly backward when it comes to Human Rights protections and many groups that have lent their support to the Martian Embassy have suffered from the lack of proper provisions like a Bill or Charter of Rights.

And of course i have spent much of recent times locked up in my hermetically sealed enviro-bunker waiting for the swine-flu to decimate the population and for survivors to be rounded up by automota and used to construct a vaccine.

So do not fear Good collaborators... the inv.. the diplomacy continues steadily. we will provide updates when possible.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Crawling... crawling... to prog-rock classics!

At long last we have another small update, with more hopefully soon along the way. Behold for your educational edification a vital example of the refutation of an argument caused directly by properties of that argument as we explore the 'controversies' of 'alternatives' to evolution...

Also Cap'n Bayne wants to make two things public. Firstly he has requested that if appropriate actions are not taken to improve the awareness of M.E./C.F.S. in the general community and more public funding placed into reserching effective treatment of that condition that the Martian Government take some sort of punitive action. Well we are considering that. We thought of economic sanctions but there is barely any trade between Earth and the Martian Territories so we are considering military action. The question is what sort? We would like the contribution of Good Collaborators with this issue. Who or what should The Martian Military destroy to show our dissatisfaction with this flagrent disregard of human need and the ethical and rational distribution of resources?

The second thing is that ap'n Bayne and Sill are going to see the Australian Tour of Jeff Waynes' The War Of The Worlds. We here at the embassy support the great works of Jeff Wayne (despite some historical innaccuracies regarding the tragic events of the war) and it's role in increasing public awareness of the great tragedy of this conflict.

Friday, January 12, 2007

That is not dead which can eternal lie

and with strange aeons even this website may get an update!

Indeed, even with Cap'n Bayne beeing nearly comatose due to the severity of his CFS (perhaps deliberatly exascerbated by a fiendish Venusian poisoning plot.. more on that later) and with I myself having been sealed in a biodome tunneled deep below the CBD of Armidale till a sufficiant treatment has been devloped for the insidious Bird Flu (shudder) still, even though it has taken a distressingly long time we have managed a small update to salve for a time the tremendous appetite for news of all Good Collaborators.

Though it may take much time, let it be known that this site is not dead and that eventually the backlog will be dealt with to allow all Good Collaborators to achieve the glorious Aims of Mars... to seperate all humanity into the Good Collaborator or F.O.O.D. catagories and thus to improve the lot of all humans.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Behold the contribution of a Good Collaborator

Once again we are proud to host a guest piece of wondrous propaganda.
This time it is a poem.

Chilling and filled with madness in the finest classical tradition I direct your attentions to

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Are you ready to take up the Fight?

Finally Cap'n Bayne has managed to get us a new webcomic post, hopefully there will be more to come soon as he has tons of half-finished stuff lying round the place. However of course this will all depend on the state of his dreadful and debilitating ailment.

What kind of a friend would a four foot diameter pulsating mass of benevolently despotic brainmatter be if he didn't direct as much resource as possible at the anihilation of that most horrible medical condition.

Considering the massive numbers of humans suffering from this illness, neglected and ignored, it is the duty of all Good Collaborators, nay, of all Ethical or Moral Sentient Beings to address the massive disparity in research funding, the conspiracy of silence, the grotesque public ignorance and politial inaction that shrouds this horrifically common hidden illness.

Everyone needs to know more about this,

places to start include:

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Updates and Germs

Ok, so there hasn't been an update in ages. Well good collaborators fear not for the time has been spent wisely, notably allowing Cap'n Bayne much needed rest and allowing the Embassy to be fully protected from the dread possibility of a Bird-Flu epidemic. Hopefully we will have some more material for you very soon, as Cap'n Bayne's health allows....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Cap'n Bayne's latest literary masterpiece

Our latest update, while small, is nonetheless monumental as it contains what some have said to be Cap'n Baynes best piece of writing yet!

Keep checking back for future webcomic updates and reviews coming soon!