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Friday, April 22, 2005

Bucketloads of Controversy

These are indeed interesting times, as Fu Manchu said to me on the way to his third consecutive execution.

Firstly there is a fourth, repeat Fourth movie based on the Martian Invasion on it's way, another low-budget film, this time modernised but appearing closer to the original then the biggest budget project. I look forward to the inevitable Bollywood version.

Secondly Cap'n Bayne warned me that we might upset some people with the latest issue of the webcomic. Let me assure you that all religions will be free and will be fairly treated under Martian Occupation. A persons belief system will have no bearing whatsoever on their assignment to either Collaborator or F.O.O.D. catagory.

Also in the news is a new PS2 game shceduled for imminant release that has the whole Embassy abuzz: Destroy All Humans! From the 50's setting through the similarity of the invaders to our beloved pet Food Martians to the abduction of cattle, the mass destruction by flying saucer and of course killing humans. This looks like an eminantly delightful game.


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