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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Terrorism Cinema and more History

It seems that Venusian Terrorists did indeed manage to plant that drab bit of propaganda into the script of the otherwise superb Destry All Humans game as I mentioned last speech. Despite this crass bit of feeble subterfuge the game is an absolute delight and should be purchased and played by each and every good collaborator. In doing so they will discover an awesome experience filled with the hubris and narcisism of the mass herd of mindless human drones, the callous manipulation of the media by military manipulation within the government, accurate virtual training for future collaborator special missions and a good deal of humour and fun. We will have a full review of the game posted as soon as possible.

Soon there will also be reviews of some of the new war of the worlds cinematic offerings as Sill will also grace us with her considered opinion!

Until we can get these up please do check out our latest webcomic as we delve into the second part of the hidden and forgotten history of the Great Martian Diplomatic Incident (or the Terrible Martian Invasion as it is otherwise known)


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