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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Update, Update, Update!

At long last we finally have the review of the biggest budget war of the worlds film to come out this year, reviews of the others should follow soon.

We've recieved a whole host of cool stuff to review recently so a whole slew of reviews will be forthcoming but fear not the other parts of the site, particularly the webcomic will also recieve some more attention.

Researches from the Martians Archealogical centre have found another gem in the mass of junk Cap'n Bayne has stored away.. in the shape of a clipping now available in the gallery section of the site. We're sure you will be delighted with this piece of lost history despite coming at the cost of 3 researches lives, 2 from falling piles of periodicals and one from fright caused by something so horrible Cap'n Bayne had it wrapped in black plastic and has covered it in three inches of electrical tape and then written on it the word 'Forbidden!' in several hundred different languages. Of course, we still aren't sure exactly what maner of creatures they are that we are using as researches... they themselves are one of the strange things Cap'n Bayne had stuffed away in his storehouse that we wish to research, and at present they are the only thing that can survive a protracted stay in that environment.

As if that weren't enough there is also the first of quite a few new pieces of writing! Watch in coming updates for a piece that many who have read it claim to be Cap'n Bayne's greatest piece of writing yet!


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