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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Are you ready to take up the Fight?

Finally Cap'n Bayne has managed to get us a new webcomic post, hopefully there will be more to come soon as he has tons of half-finished stuff lying round the place. However of course this will all depend on the state of his dreadful and debilitating ailment.

What kind of a friend would a four foot diameter pulsating mass of benevolently despotic brainmatter be if he didn't direct as much resource as possible at the anihilation of that most horrible medical condition.

Considering the massive numbers of humans suffering from this illness, neglected and ignored, it is the duty of all Good Collaborators, nay, of all Ethical or Moral Sentient Beings to address the massive disparity in research funding, the conspiracy of silence, the grotesque public ignorance and politial inaction that shrouds this horrifically common hidden illness.

Everyone needs to know more about this,

places to start include:


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