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Friday, January 12, 2007

That is not dead which can eternal lie

and with strange aeons even this website may get an update!

Indeed, even with Cap'n Bayne beeing nearly comatose due to the severity of his CFS (perhaps deliberatly exascerbated by a fiendish Venusian poisoning plot.. more on that later) and with I myself having been sealed in a biodome tunneled deep below the CBD of Armidale till a sufficiant treatment has been devloped for the insidious Bird Flu (shudder) still, even though it has taken a distressingly long time we have managed a small update to salve for a time the tremendous appetite for news of all Good Collaborators.

Though it may take much time, let it be known that this site is not dead and that eventually the backlog will be dealt with to allow all Good Collaborators to achieve the glorious Aims of Mars... to seperate all humanity into the Good Collaborator or F.O.O.D. catagories and thus to improve the lot of all humans.