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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Long Overdue News

Greeting Loyal Good Collaborators.

Much has happened in the time of Great Silence.

It started with the unfortunate ending of the relationship bewteen Cap'n Bayne and Sill.

This was of course a difficult time for everyone requiring much adjustment. It also substantially worsened the good captains chronic fatigue syndrome. And also there has ben a new endeavor taking up much of the captain and Martian Embassies resources.

That of gaining reliable Human Rights protections for Australia. (We will step up to Sentient Rights after the first stage is won) Australia for a developed country is terribly backward when it comes to Human Rights protections and many groups that have lent their support to the Martian Embassy have suffered from the lack of proper provisions like a Bill or Charter of Rights.

And of course i have spent much of recent times locked up in my hermetically sealed enviro-bunker waiting for the swine-flu to decimate the population and for survivors to be rounded up by automota and used to construct a vaccine.

So do not fear Good collaborators... the inv.. the diplomacy continues steadily. we will provide updates when possible.