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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Crawling... crawling... to prog-rock classics!

At long last we have another small update, with more hopefully soon along the way. Behold for your educational edification a vital example of the refutation of an argument caused directly by properties of that argument as we explore the 'controversies' of 'alternatives' to evolution...

Also Cap'n Bayne wants to make two things public. Firstly he has requested that if appropriate actions are not taken to improve the awareness of M.E./C.F.S. in the general community and more public funding placed into reserching effective treatment of that condition that the Martian Government take some sort of punitive action. Well we are considering that. We thought of economic sanctions but there is barely any trade between Earth and the Martian Territories so we are considering military action. The question is what sort? We would like the contribution of Good Collaborators with this issue. Who or what should The Martian Military destroy to show our dissatisfaction with this flagrent disregard of human need and the ethical and rational distribution of resources?

The second thing is that ap'n Bayne and Sill are going to see the Australian Tour of Jeff Waynes' The War Of The Worlds. We here at the embassy support the great works of Jeff Wayne (despite some historical innaccuracies regarding the tragic events of the war) and it's role in increasing public awareness of the great tragedy of this conflict.


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